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Dear Reader,
Throughout Being Strategic, I use the metaphor of “the castle on the hill” as a way to think of the future you want to create for yourself, your team or your business. I thought you might like to see pictures of the two real-life “castles” I use as examples in the book.

The first is Criccieth Castle, built in North Wales by “Llewellyn Fawr” (Llewelyn the Great, Prince of North Wales) in the 13th century. I use the story of its building to frame each chapter of Being Strategic. Even though the castle itself is little more than ruins, you can still get a feeling for what an achievement it would have been to envision and create it, high on its promontory overlooking Cardigan Bay. (For those of you fascinated by coincidence: I very recently discovered that I’m a direct descendant of Llewelyn Fawr: he was my 26-times great-grandfather!)

And the second is my own personal “castle” – the dream house I designed and built during the time I was writing Being Strategic – and the wonderful view from its “hill,” overlooking the Hudson River and the Berkshires beyond. I fulfilled this long-time dream by practicing this process and approach to being strategic that my colleagues and I teach and support.

I’d love to hear your stories, too. If, as you develop and practice the skills of being strategic, you find yourself better able to create the life and work you want, please join the conversation on my blog.

May you consistently make those choices that will best fulfill your heart’s desire.

Very warmly,
Erika Andersen

Criccieth Castle

My Castle and View