Erika Andersen
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“In Being Strategic, Erika Andersen offers a clear, practical, powerful approach for navigating through tough times.”

Bonnie Hammer
President NBCU Cable Entertainment and Cable Studios

“Over the past decade, in each of the companies I’ve led, I've relied on Erika Andersen to help me engage my senior team in getting clear about the future we want to create for our enterprise, and figuring out what it will take for us to get there. Her vision and strategy process helps us get our heads around complex issues in a way that’s unusually simple: I’m always surprised, at the end of a session, how we’ve made our aspirations practical and built a clear path to achieving them.”

Doug Herzog
President, MTVN Entertainment Group

“To most of us, the thought of articulating a long-term strategy that is both visionary and practical seems an overwhelming task. The approach used by Erika Andersen enables a team to effectively articulate ideas, reach consensus, and formulate a detailed course of action for achieving their vision.”

Kathy Dore
Former President, CanWest Media Broadcasting

“When I became President of Women in Cable Telecommunications in 2001, I realized the organization needed to re-invent itself. Since that time, we’ve used the Proteus strategic approach to create a clear, powerful vision of the organization we wanted, and then to continually move toward that vision. WICT is now growing and vital—and Erika’s work with us has been hugely helpful in making that our reality.”

Benita Fitzgerald Mosley
President women in Cable Telecommunications and Olympic Gold Medalist

“Erika is simply an inspiration. From changing my “self talk” to learning new ways to handle every-day management situations, she gave me tools to really get me to grow. I so look forward to Being Strategic, as her advice is solid and time-tested.”

Lauren Swearhart
Director, Project Management, Comcast

“The Proteus approach to being strategic enabled me to “de-clutter” my career and personal goals, and to see the big picture more clearly. I came to the realization that I should trust myself more, follow my instincts, and be more diligent in finding the opportunities that I used to wait for.”

Keely Rose Buchanan
Manager of Distance Learning, Time Warner Cable

CBS The Early Show
The Early Show on Being Strategic

Andersen appears on “The Early Show” with some advice on how to strategize for success. She tells “Early Show” co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez that having clear vision and strategy is a way to make sure you achieve your dreams.

Webcast with Jennifer Lee

Andersen and long-time client Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, team up to talk about how to make managing easier and more effective and build the “craft of people management” into an organization.

Innovation from the Group Up

In an exclusive interview, Andersen shares how managers in the manufacturing sector can foster employee innovation through thoughtful hiring and targeted rewards, and how they can create an environment that supports creativity and appropriate risk-taking.

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