Erika Andersen
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Growing Great Employees is conversational, anecdotal, and humorous – much more fun to read than the typical advice to managers.

The book covers the whole cycle of employment, from recruiting, to hiring and orienting, through developing and career transitions. For each point in the cycle you’ll find practical instructions with simple models, real-life examples, and self-directed activities to try things for yourself. It's a well-tested, systematic guide to creating a workplace where people thrive — and get great results.

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Learn such easier-said-than-done skills as:

Influence through Listening: using listening to motivate and build commitment;

Targeted Interviewing: clarifying what you need most in an employee, and assessing how each candidate fills those needs;

Hiring for Keeps: getting employees started off on the right foot, so that they’re committed and contributing as quickly as possible;

Feedback for Action: discovering the strengths and Achilles’ heels of individual employees, and giving feedback that will help them improve without discouraging them;

Delegating that Sticks: giving employees more responsibility – and feeling confident they’ll succeed;

Firing with Integrity: how to let someone go without damaging them, yourself or the company.