Erika Andersen
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“Refreshing,” says Harvard Business Review. Appreciating how Andersen “likens managing people to gardening and puts the art of listening to others - and to oneself - at the heart of each step,” the review predicts that “managers who read carefully will take a sobering message to heart.”

Andersen and long-time client Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, team up to talk about how to make managing easier and more effective and build the “craft of people management” into an organization.

Providing advice on dealing with difficult bosses, including those who belittle others in public, Andersen says the art of handling criticism is to stay calm, neutral and respectful - even when you don’t feel that way - while asking the boss to keep criticism private.

Andersen and other executives discuss gardening as an apt metaphor for management. “Gardeners can’t make plants grow; they can only get the right plants, and create optimum conditions for them to thrive. In the same way, managers can’t make employees grow; they can only get the right people... and create optimum conditions for them to thrive,” says Andersen.

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