Erika Andersen
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Growing Great Employees is like having an expert at your side, one whose clear-headed lessons provide a nutrient-rich road map for perennially winning at business.”

“The consummate ‘how-to’ manual for choosing and nurturing great employees. Erika’s techniques are practical and highly effective and this is a powerful tool for creating a stable and innovative work environment. Read it and watch your staff blossom!”

“In Growing Great Employees, [Erika’s] offered a comprehensive guide to being a fun, smart, and effective manager—the kind of manager that any company would love to have.”
“Believe me when I say you can take four full semesters of ‘management’ in business school or you can simply read, keep, and refer to Growing Great Employees. This book transcends all the theory, fads du jour, and management babble on the current scene and offers simple, straightforward, and, most important, effective steps for creating a community of work in which people are so fulfilled and so productive that they achieve superior results.”

“A most readable, insightful, and thorough treatment, filled with common sense and practical examples. A must-read for all managers interested in growing their people.”

“For the past twenty-five years, Erika Andersen has been working with companies to make sure that employees achieve their true potential. In Growing Great Employees, Erika is sharing that practical, smart, soup-to-nuts insight on how to be the best kind of manager with a broader public.”